Rectangle Earring Board

Beautiful Creations By Sarah

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Rectangle Earring Board
Rectangle Earring Board

A perfect way to store all your earrings in one place, so theres no more searching for that one missing earring or back that you can never seem to find. 

Laser cut from 2.5mm thick Bamboo, measuring 20.5cm wide x 15.5cm high with 190 holes that will fit between 50 and 95 pairs of earrings depending on their size. This hanging board will comfortably fit 50 pairs of my earrings.

The unique design of this earring holder means that you can either use the 2 feet supplied (that slip onto the board) or you can put some string/ribbon on it and hang it on display.

Due to the nature of the bamboo each earring board will slightly vary in colour and grain, so each one is unique.  

**Please note that earrings are not included**

Lovingly made by hand out of my home studio.

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